Sunday, 2 August 2009

Poker story - we're all from different planets

I had a phenomenal night last night in my home game. Best night of a sub-par year so far for me, finishing up by 10 buy-ins.

Towards the end of the night, I played an Omaha hand with Q-Q-x-x. The flop was 6-6-4 with 2 hearts, and got checked around. The turn was a magical Qh. I was in early position, and decided to try to represent a non-nut flush, so I bet $500 into the $900 pot. Fold around to the button who raises by $1500. Glory. Generally this villain does not easily find laydowns, so I reckon I don't need to slow play. I raise by $2k, trying to say I still like my hand, and I'm not believing you.

He shoves for around $4k more. So I have to stop and think now, because 6-6, right? But I can't fold here to this villain so I call and flip my cards while saying "You'll need quads to beat me". He flips over Ah-9h-x-x and is drawing dead. But the most interesting part is when another player (let's call him Jeff) reacts to my quads statement, saying, "Oh please, quads?!" almost implying I'd slow-rolled.

So I say "Villain had earlier overbet-shoved over the top of me with the near nuts and got me to call, and I had to at least think about it." And Jeff says "It's not a night for quads - we haven't seen any all night". I think he's joking and play along saying "Well it's not like the cards know what night it is." And he's like, "What, you don't believe things happen like that?" and getting support from another player "Yeah, we haven't seen quads in ages". So I shut the fuck up because....Say Whaaaat?!?!

So yeah, I'm from Mars, I guess.
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